• Andrea Csalló managing director
  • Bohár-Kaczor Lívia, head of secretariat, program organizer, projekt assistant 
  • Törőcsik Ferenc, financial manager
  • Miklós Kókai, project manager
  • Mária Kovács, microcredit and financial co-worker
  • Hajnalka Gerencsér, microcredit and customer service co-worker
  • Zsuzsanna Vékásy, Enterprise Europe Network regional manager
  • Gábor Simon, Enterprise Europe Network co-worker
  • Horváth Petra, project manager
  • Eszter Halász, project manager
  • Kozma Tímea, project manager
  • Gábor Kerekes, office manager Nagykanizsa
  • Tünde Takács, office manager Keszthely
  • Gabriella Filó, office manager Lenti
  • Tünde Takács, office manager Zalaszentgrót
  • Eszter Nagy, assistant
  • Babati Zsolt, labor market group leader
  • Vass Izabella, labor market consultant, Zalaegerszeg
  • Horváth Irén, labor market consultant, Nagykanizsa
  • Kovács Erika, labor market consultant, Lenti
  • Markó Renáta, labor market consultant, Keszthely
  • Colleagues
  • Colleagues
At the beginning of the 1990s, in the framework of enterprise promotion programme launched by the Phare programme of the European Union and the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, local entrepreneurial centres were established in every county of Hungary serving the purpose of supporting enterprises and mediating the entrepreneurial culture in the specific region.
  • Establishment of Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion
  • Establishment of Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion
The Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion has joined in the implementation of regional economic development programme pointing beyond the county. The Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster was established on 14 June, 2001 with the participation of the most considerable enterprises of wood and furniture, regional development organizations, institutions of education, professional associations in the west-transdanubian region as well as with the support of the Ministry of Economy.

The Enterprise Europe Network is the only Network for enterprise promotion launched by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, which supports business development efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Union.

The Enterprise Europe Network’s main target audience comprises of SMEs, but universities and research centers can use our services as well. Thus, wherever you live in Europe, you can access all information locally that you may need for developing your business or finding suitable business partners.


  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • Enterprise Europe Network
With the accomplishment of innovative activities, productivity and competitiveness of enterprises improve, an innovation friendly environment with an advanced technology is established in the region, the application of the results of knowledge improves industry, economic sectors related and services in the region i.e. the economy in the region, the cooperative skills and professional knowledge of human resources in the region as well as it retains and attracts workforce to the region.
  • Innovation
  • Innovation

Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion creates and manages applications. Ask for special offer. If you have any questions about the application with any concerns, please contact us using the details below:

  • Halász Eszter Project Manager
    Tel .: 92 / 316-033
    Phone: 30 / 235-2411
    E-mail: halaszeszter@zmva.hu

The detailed tender documents are available on the site http://palyazat.gov.hu.

  • Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion creates and manages applications.

  • Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion creates and manages applications.

  • Clustering knowledge, Innovation and Design - ID: Wood
  • Development of interregional financial assistance to SMEs and of non-grant instruments - DIFASS
  • From Army to Enterpreneurship – F.A.T.E
  • Consolidation f training, further training and professional training related to energyoptimized architecture with the establishment of a cross-border training network - CEEBEE
  • New Hungary Microcredit Programe
  • Facilitating the establishment and development of spin-off companies in the central and southern area of the West-Trandanubian Regio
  • Promoting innovation to gain ground in the West-Trandanubian region. Innovation campaign - INNO-TÉR
  • Cross-border demonstration and training centre for energy sustainability - BIOFUTURE
  • One step ahead network innovation with Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster - INNOSTEP
  • Interregional Innovation System - IRIS
  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • Promoting Entrepreneurship in Mura-Drava region - PRE-MU-DRA

  • International Projects
  • International Projects

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